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Photographers: How to install Canon E1 hand strap

One of our favorite add-on to any DSL camera is a Hand Strap. It’s such a simple addition, yet it has such great benefits.

Recently, we just purchased a replacement Canon E1 Hand strap and realized that it didn’t come with instructions! It took us a while to find a quick guide to install it (there were youtube videos, but we wanted some quick instructions.

We remember back in 2010, our good friend, Richard Bui posted a thread that included instructions on how to install it. But looking on the web, his thread is no longer there. So we searched and we found a step-by-step instruction online (similar to Richard’s original post) on how to properly install the Canon E1 hand strap.  Quick and simple instructions was exactly what we wanted:


* WARNING: After attaching the strap, pull it to make sure it does not loosen at the buckle!  (that would be very bad!)

The Canon E1 hand strap provides so much benefits. We’ve used it on a Canon 5D Mark III as well as our Canon 1Ds Mark III and our most recent Canon 1Dx Cameras. NOTE: For the Canon 5D Mark III (or Mark II), you’ll need a battery grip to attach the Canon E1, otherwise you can use the Canon E2 hand strap instead.

The Canon E1 strap has saved us many times from accidentally dropping my camera when we tried to latch our camera on to our Spider Holster and missed!  Additionally, the Canon E1 hand strap adds stability to taking photos. Super helpful for holding long lens (like the Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS Mark II or Canon 135L F/2.0 or Canon 85mm F/1.2 II) with slow shutter speeds.

For about $25, it’s a bargain! We’ve been shooting since 2009 and we wouldn’t use any camera without a hand strap.

Clab Clabamsk - February 9, 2016 - 11:04 am


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